Steps to Sell Your Home

Follow These 8 Steps To Selling Your Home For The Most Money Fast!

  1. coffeetable_couch_1999 smSay goodbye to your home now.  Get over's time to move on. Prepare it for the next person who is going to live in it. Picture the day you hand over the keys and move into your new home.
  2. Take the "you" out of it.  Get the family photos off the wall, neutralize paint colors, pack up personal collections ahead of time. Buyers want to picture themselves living in your home. Taking the you out of it allows them to see the house and not be distracted by the stuff.
  3. Lean and mean!  It's time to sort through stuff, throw away, sell or donate excess items, and prepack those you want to take with you. Clear the kitchen counters, minimize books in bookcases, get things off the floor of the closets. Put your bathroom essentials out of site.
  4. People open doors!  Make sure your closets and cabinets are neat & tidy. Less stuff makes them look more spacious!
  5. Rent a storage unit  Store excess furniture and prepacked boxes to give the feeling of spaciousness.
  6. Take down fixtures or window coverings that you plan to take with you in advance.Keep these items off the bargaining table if they are important to you!
  7. Make repairs now.  Fix anything you know is broken or not working in advance. This will keep them off the Home Inspector's report and will show the buyer that your home is in good repair. Consider painting over any bold walls in more neutral shades.
  8. Clean, clean clean!  Make sure your home shines! Clean windows, baseboards, fans & fixtures, remove cobwebs, power wash decks & walks.
  9. Give it the once-over.  With the help of your Realtor® or a friend, stand back and take another look. Does your home have curb appeal? Are the shrubs and lawn in good condition? Does it beckon people in? If not, consider adding some pots of bright flowers, a new welcome mat, a new coat of paint on the front door. Make it shine!
  10. Call in a professional.  Have a professional stager add the touches that will cause buyers to want to stay a while. These folks know what they are doing, and know how to evoke the emotion in buyers that generate offers! It is worth the investment.

Beginning the process of preparing your home for sale can be daunting. People accumulate stuff that can be overwhelming to face without help. If you have questions on where to start, I offer a free consultation to get you moving in the right direction. Contact me today! I'm happy to help!